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eRequester for Sage 100 ERP
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Streamline purchasing and expense approval processes for Sage 100 with an easy-to-use interface, flexible workflow, and customizable feature set from eRequester.

Compatible With: Sage 100 ERP [MAS 90 and 200], Versions 4.0 , 4.05 , 4.1 , 4.2 , 4.3
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Base Software w/ 10 Named Users $5,000
Additional 10 Named Users1-50 Users) $2,000
Optional Modules $3,000-$4,000

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Take the Paper out of Purchasing and Expenses with eRequester eRequester is a robust Web-based requisition, approval, Purchase Order and Expense solution for Sage MAS 100.


Manage Your Purchasing

eRequester is a robust Web-based e-procurement application that enables your organization to define and implement purchasing practices to streamline and manage its supply chain.  Designed to meet the needs of small to large-sized organizations in both the private and public sectors, eRequester provides control over the entire purchasing and payment process, including internal purchase requests, expense and check requests, notifications, approvals, management of items, job codes, general ledger accounts, vendors, creation of purchase orders, receiving and invoice matching.  As a competitively priced strategic investment, eRequester can help your entire organization run more smoothly, while providing internal controls and defined purchasing and payment processes to assist with the reporting requirements under Section 404 of the Federal Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.


 Features and Benefits

eRequester is packed with features including but not limited to the following:


Saves Time and Money

  • Centralizing and automating the purchase requisition, approval, order, receiving and payment processes
  • Reducing errors and duplicative data entry
  • Eliminating paper work while capturing all relevant information in a centralized SQL database for easy access
  • Reducing “rogue” spending
  • Encouraging the use of preferred vendors, which enables better terms and prices

Easy Requisition Creation

  • Assigns a unique requisition ID to each requisition for easy search, tracking and reference
  • Select a requesting department or cost center from a dropdown list to control approval routing and GL coding
  • Select a Request Type to control exceptions to approval routing, tracking and GL coding
  • Select an approved MAS 100 vendor or an Unlisted Vendor for the purchase request
  • Add line items to each requisition, with comments, quantities, costs, UOM, GL accounts, taxes, ship dates, projects, warehouse and more
  • Select or enter a ship to location, contact person and ship method
  • Attach an unlimited number of scanned documents to each line item
  • Submit notes, purchase justification and comments to approvers
  • Review all the details of the requisition on a single screen
  • Submit the requisition for approval based on robust routing rules, such a department, request type, dollar amount, GL Account, Project or other fields
  • Generate a detailed email notification to designated approvers that a requisition is waiting for approval
  • Save requisitions as Templates for easy re-use, without duplicative data entry

Intuitive Approval Process


eRequester makes requisition approval easy and highly flexible.  An unlimited number of approval levels can be created based on the company, dollar amount, department, request type or other fields in the database. eRequester sends email notifications letting approvers know when they have requisitions waiting for approval so they can easily view the details and approve, reject, require changes or request more information. Designated approvers can also edit requisitions after standard approval routing, route for additional approval and add comments to the Requisition History to convey any pertinent information.  eRequester’s robust approval routing engine allows for:

  • An unlimited number of approval levels
  • Flexible routing rules and exceptions for any request type, such as capital or non-budgeted
  • Ability to setup any routing path based on the request type
  • Carbon copy options that allow requisition details to be reviewed by appropriate personnel
  • Proxy approval for unavailable users
  • Robust options for Out of Office delegation

Integration with MAS 100

 eRequester web-enables the process for creating purchase orders from approved requisitions by notifying designated “buyers” that approved requisitions are waiting to be converted to purchase orders. Users can see all of approved requisitions in a list and batch create the purchase orders or they can be reviewed individually, edited, sent for additional approvals, and then posted to MAS 100's PO Module with the click of a mouse and a VI Import.  Based on integration with Vendors, Accounts, Items and other key data, validated MAS 100 Purchase orders can then be printed from eRequester or from MAS 100, emailed or sent by fax out to vendors for fulfillment.


Receiving Module

eRequester's optional Receiving Module is currently available for companies that do not have or need the MAS 100 PO Module and prefer to create POs and Receipts in eRequester and post them directly to MAS 100’s AP Module. The eRequester Receiving Module web-enables the process for creating receipts for items and services so that users can either enter receipts against their own POs or designated staff can receive on behalf of other employees.  Users can also be provided with read-only receiving access to view quantities received against their POs.  By allowing web based receiving through eRequester, AP no longer needs to track down packing slips and receiving tickets, and can simply pull up the receipts in eRequester, match them against the approved POs and post them to AP Data Entry via a VI Import. 

Additional Receiving Module Features and Benefits include:

  • Provides remote, distributed access to purchase order and receiving information (i.e., quantity ordered, quantity received and quantity remaining) from a web browser
  • Allows receiving information (i.e., quantity received, invoice number, invoiced amount) to be entered by specified users
  • Displays an easy-to-use web form that simplifies the receiving process
  • Allows for an unlimited number of multiple partial receipts up to the PO amount or some predefined threshold
  • Allows for under-receiving
  • Allows for system-wide limits to prevent over-receiving
  • Supports Changes Order approvals

Job Cost Module

eRequester’s Job Cost Module integration piece provides access to the MAS 100 Job Codes. This allows corresponding Job Cost segments setup in MAS 100 to be available in eRequester so that that they can be associated with any requisition line items and posted with the POs along with required validation elements. The Job Cost Module enables tracking of purchase orders and requisitions by Job for better control over expenditures.

Budget Checking Module

Tracking budgets is key for many organizations and eRequester handles the task by providing alerts when requisition line items are over budget and by allowing requisitioners and/or approvers the right to view MAS 100 budget to actual comparisons in real-time.  Other details include:

  • For each line item in a requisition, a report is displayed regarding
    • Actual year-to-date expenses
    • Committed year-to-date purchase orders
    • Pending commitments (i.e., pending requisitions)
    • Total-to-actual year-to-date expenses plus committed year-to-date purchase orders plus Pending commitments
    • Budgeted annual expenses for the current fiscal year
    • Variances
  • Security features allows control over whether budget information can be viewed by all users or just approvers
  • Additional approvals can be required for requisitions that are over-budget


Request for Quote Module

eRequester's Request For Vendor Quotation (RFQ) Module allows companies to create and obtain competitive bids from multiple vendors on any purchase request.  Requisitions can be converted to RFQs to any vendor with a single mouse click, emailed to the vendor and then once the bid is received, it can be attached and awarded.  Once awarded, the requisition can be edited with the details, routed for approval and once approved, posted to MAS 100 as an approved PO.  All RFQ information can be captured and stored for future reference and tracking.

Expense Request Module (for Non-PO Invoice Approvals)

eRequester's Expense Request Module allows users to enter non-PO Payment Requests into eRequester.  Users enter Invoice Number and Date, Vendor, Item, and Account information along with Quantity, Cost and comments and then may attach a scanned copy of the invoice to the Requisition.  Once entered, the Payment Request can be routed for approval and upon final approval, it is automatically converted to an Approved Payment Request Report ready for import into MAS 100’s AP Module as an invoice.

The Expense Request Module:

·Allows for separate numbering of Approved Payment Requests and POs

·Utilizes MAS 100 vendors, items, account codes and other relevant data

·Allows for robust approval routing and workflow of payment requests

·Automates the invoice processing and check requisition procedures

·Helps avoid late payment fees

·Provides control over expenditures

·Maintains an audit trail of transactions to aid compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley

·Holds employees more accountable for approving or denying invoices for payment in a timely manner

·Reduces the number of employees who circumvent your organization's purchasing process

Product ID: eRequester

Industries: Natural Gas & Petroleum, Education, Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts, & Clubs, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Barcode Scanning/RFID, Check Processing, Procurement and Purchasing