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eRequistion can be used by any type of organization that is looking for multi-level approval levels in the requistion process before a request is generated into a Purchase Order in Sage 500 ERP.

Compatible With: Sage 500 ERP [MAS 500], Versions 6.3 , 7.0 , 7.05 , 7.2 , 7.3 , 7.4
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Practical Software Solutions, Inc. - NC.

Base Package $5,000

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The internet is fast becoming the method of choice for transacting business world wide. The eRequisition module allows companies to transact business over the internet as well as over the intranet. This module allows your employees to process their requisition requirements from one easy to use interface. The hassle of paper requisitions and hand passing documents for signatures will be a thing of the past. The eRequisition module streamlines the requisition process making it a snap to enter requisitions and process them through the proper channels for approval.


Each user is set up in the system with a login and password. Once a user is in the system, they are given a routing for approvals. They may also be given a signature limit. Each user may then begin entering requisitions. As users submit their requisitions, the system automatically routes the requisitions for approval. At each step of the approval process the requisition may be declined. As the requisition passes through the approval process, the easy-to-use requisition workbench allows the user to see the various approval levels. Once a requisition is fully approved, it can be turned into a purchase order by the buyer in Sage 500 ERP.

Product ID: E-Req

Industries: Specialty Contracting, Insurance, Farm Supply & Service, Healthcare Facility Management

Business Needs: Change Order Management, Forecasting, Procurement and Purchasing