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Warehouse Management System for MAS90/MAS200
Certified Solution
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Warehouse Management System with, Multiple Bins, Physical Count, Cycle Count, Paperless Picking, RF Scanning for all transactions, Inventory Batch Processing, Transfer Orders. 
Compatible With: Sage 100 ERP [MAS 90 and 200], Versions 3.71 , 4.05 , 4.2 , 4.3 , 4.4
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Development Partner - Gold
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Innovative Consulting Services, Inc.

SRP $16,995
Entry Level Version $6,995

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Track inventory in multiple bin locations, real-time from anywhere in your facility. With RF (Radio-frequency) Handheld computers, users will securely log in directly to your MAS90/MAS200 system. WMS provides barcode label printing for items and warehouse bin locations, without the need for any third-party software, such as the barcode module. Designed to run on Windows CE devices, such as the Symbol MC3000 and MC9000 series, via Microsoft Terminal Services. Data is validated real-time, as it is entered, preventing most erroneous entries. AT THE CORE … Multiple Bin Location capability is at the heart of the WMS. Standard MAS90/MAS200 offers one bin location per warehouse for each Inventory Item. This module expands that capability to allow 60-plus bins per warehouse per item. Integrated into every transaction that affects inventory quantities, the WMS goes one step further and automatically maintains First-in-First-out order of bins for each item. A setup option allows the flexibility of validating bins against a Bin Masterfile, or not. BIN TRANSFERS From the handheld computers, inventory can be transferred directly from one bin location to another without having to perform an update operation. A log file tracks all bin movements. ITEM INQUIRY Item Inquiry from the handhelds gives instant access to bin locations for an item, allowing a user to quickly find inventory. BIN INQUIRY Bin Inquiry from the handhelds gives instant list of all inventory in a bin location. TRANSACTIONS FROM THE FLOOR Simplified, intelligent entry screens for the various warehouse transactions are designed with minimal entry fields for use at the dock and in the warehouse. SHIPPING – Case-Ship Shipping Entry validates the Sales Order Number, Items on the Order, and quantities of each item. WMS setup options include preventing over-shipped items, checking for short-shipped items. A Bill of Lading record is generated and can be printed as a form. A batch process creates Invoice Entries from the Shipment Entries. SHIPPING – Pick/Pack/Ship The module is also designed to serve in Pick/Pack/and Ship mode. Pick/Pack/Ship orders generate an Invoice Entry. Integration with UPS World-ship software is included to pass the Freight Amount and Tracking Number to Invoice Data Entry. RECEIVING Receipt Entry validates the Purchase Order Number, Items on the Purchase Order and quantities of each item. User-defined options include preventing over-receiving items. Item Receiving Labels can be printed directly from the handhelds to Bluetooth-enabled printers that are belt-mounted. A batch process creates Receipt of Goods Entries from the Receipt Entries. WAREHOUSE TRANSFERS This unique feature allows tracking and control of movement between warehouses. Inventory Warehouse Transfer Orders can be created through the Transfer Order Entry program, specifying Items and quantities to be transferred between warehouses. A Transfer Order document can then be printed and used as a control document. If required, a Bill of Lading can be printed for a Transfer Order. Transfer Orders may be for In-bound or Out-bound transfers. Both are validated and the items to be transferred are checked, as well as the quantities. Protections against over- and under- shipment and receipt are WMS setup options. A batch process creates Inventory Transfer Transactions from the Transfer Entries. BILL OF MATERIALS PRODUCTION ENTRY Scan Production Entries. Facilitates manufacturing operations that do not use Work Orders. MANUFACTURING CONTROL With it’s WMS module, ICS has designed a tightly controlled mechanism for tracking inventory in a manufacturing environment. Work Order release transactions generate a Transfer Order that can be printed and used to kit and move components from the main warehouse into production. Follow inventory real-time … from Receiving, through Quality Assurance release, into the main warehouse, from the main warehouse into Production, into Quality Control Testing, and finally into Finished Goods for shipping. Inventory is visible at every stage of the process. And, YES, this applies to Lot and Serialized inventory as well! PHYSICAL COUNT PROCESSING This module, by itself, can justify the cost of the WMS within the first year of use. Full Physical Counts Scan counts using the WMS – a huge time-saver, since all data is validated real-time. Automatically print ‘tags’ for counted items via Bluetooth printers that are belt-mounted. A blind, second count yields a Count Variance Report that is used to make focused decisions about what to re-count. Multiple location counts are summarized then a Pre-update Variance Report provides an ‘issues’ list. Summarized, corrected counts are then updated. Cycle-counts WMS tracks date last counted. Scan an item – the system ‘freezes’ the on-hand inventory for that item on-the-fly. INVENTORY TRANSACTION BATCH CONTROL Inventory Transaction Entry/Update by Batch, like all other MAS90/MAS200 modules. BILL OF LADING PRINTING Print Bills of Lading directly from the scanned shipment transactions.
Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Handhelds/PDAs, Inventory Control, Route Management