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S2 e-Timesheet and eXpense Reporting
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S2 e-Timesheet is a web-based timekeeping module specifically designed to work with Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 ERP and the S2 Project Accounting module. This application enables entry & management of employee time using the Internet and Platform.
Compatible With: Sage 100 ERP [MAS 90 and 200], Versions 3.71 , 4.1 , 4.2 , 4.3
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25 Users w/o eXpense $3,370
25 Users w/ eXpense $3,895
All other licensing volumes See attached pricing

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S2 e-Timesheet™ is a web-based timekeeping module specifically designed to work with Sage MAS 90 or Sage MAS 200 ERP and the S2 Project Accounting™ module. This robust yet user friendly application enables you to enter, manage & track employee time remotely using the Internet and Platform. The Web Timesheet can be setup to run as a real time program or scheduled to run on user specified intervals under a SQL Server Database. It collects employee time & brings it right into the Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 ERP Accounting System.


S2 Incorporated has designed the S2 e-Timesheet™ to be compliant with DCAA’s Standard Form 1408 which requires a timekeeping system to be able to identify employees’ labor hours by intermediate or final cost objectives. Under these guidelines, each employee assigned to a project(s) is given a secure user name & password to allow access to the system anytime, anywhere. The system tracks timesheets based on projects or tasks. Employees who are located in different parts of the country can also be tracked. The system allows audit trails & logging of transactions.


S2 eXpense Reporting – (JTR Compliant): Designed specifically for project-based businesses such as government contractors, non-profit organizations & R&D-based organizations, S2 eXpense Reporting simplifies the expense reporting process. Automating travel policy enforcement, approval workflows within the system drastically reduce submission errors & pre-validating accounting & project data before it is posted in your Sage MAS 90 or MAS 200 system. All expenses are entered online reducing paperwork and repetition. Automated tasks & e-mails enable you to take immediate action, from approving an expense report to authorizing reimbursement for going over ceiling or verifying receipts. For organizations operating under federal travel guidelines, S2 eXpense Reporting is in compliant with FAR and JTR. Joint Travel Regulations Compliant – Allows Per day ceilings for lodging, meals and incidentals. (100% compliant with Per diem and lodging rate schedules).


S2 Incorporated is a leader in providing compliant middle-market software solutions for all project driven government-contracting firms. We focus on making sure our clients are compliant with FAR, CAS and DCAA so they are confident with a product that is designed specifically to work with them and that they are in compliance with the regulations at all times. Our modules offer a comprehensive government & business solution that brings together accounting & project information, including employee timekeeping and project data, into one powerful system. The system allows you to manage the accuracy of project cost data by reducing double entry, supporting business needs while putting man-hours where you need them most, significantly reducing set-up time for new projects and eliminating manual complexities in data-discrepancy handling.

Industries: Defense & Space Exploration, Government Construction & Facility Management, Software Consulting & Development, Accounting, Legal, & Consulting, Labor Resource Services

Business Needs: Contract Management, Project/Job Control, Forecasting, Handhelds/PDAs, Sales Order Entry