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OAK!Merge Pro is a data import and update utility that provides field-by-field Merging of Data into Sage ACT! Adds, Updates, Skips, or Deletes records.  PRO  version also supports updating custom tables,  Secondary contacts,  users & Sage ACT! to  Sage ACT!.
Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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PRO 499.00

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OAK!Merge Pro is a data import and update utility that provides field-by-field Merging of Data into Sage ACT! It's unlimited uses include Conversions, updates,  mass deletes, and  clean up of databases.  Update sales info in Sage ACT! with mainframe data matching on customer number, Update sales territory matching on zip code, import trade show or web leads,  or update lead status from Remote Reps

• Add, Update, Skip, or Delete records from any of Sage ACT!'s "updateable" tables: Contact, Group, Company, Product, Users, or Opportunity.  Match on one or more fields,  if updating is desired

• Append data to Notes, History, Activities, Custom tables, and Secondary Contacts; while  linking them to Contacts, Companies, Oppoutunities or Groups. Link on the Name or a custom field: OAKMergeID

• Read data from CSV, TAB, Excel, Access,  Sage ACT,  or external data like SQL linked to an Excel or ACCESS database

• Supports Sage ACT to Sage ACT merges.

• Use with unlimited number of Sage ACT! Databases

• Updates ONLY the Sage ACT! fields you specify. All other Sage ACT! data remains unchanged.  

• Allows constants or transformations to be done as part of mapping the data

• Adds Contacts to be members of static groups

• Provides "mapping" to define which field(s) to update and which field to match on; maps can be saved & reused later. Profiles include mappings

• Profiles also allow saving Source files, Target files, and logins;  as well as the mapping

• Run OAK!Merge from a scheduler in unattended batch mode
Product ID: OAKPRO

Industries: Home Goods & Services, Natural Gas & Petroleum, Banks & Credit Unions, Investment, Securities, & Holding Companies, Insurance, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Broadcasting & Communications, Electronics & Computers, Scientific & Research Equipment, Software Consulting & Development, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, HelpDesk/Support, Data Cleansing, Data Mapping, Data Migration, Import/Export, Integration/Synchronization, Security