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Inventory Pro Online
Web based inventory system with Purchasing, Work Orders, Bill of Materials, Shipping, Receiving, Assets, barcoding, RFID.  Customer and Supplier interfaces through built in user managed security settings.  SaaS and purchasable options.
Compatible With: Sage 50 — U.S. Edition [Peachtree], Versions 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018
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Development Partner - Silver
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Computerized Inventory Systems Specialists

licensed per concurrent user $1000/concurrent user
SaaS $80/concurrent user-month + setup

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IPOL is a web browser-based version of our Inventory Pro System. It has the same functionality as Inventory Pro for WindowsTM plus much more! IPOL can be run on a local Intranet (internal use only) or globally on the Internet/World Wide Web (www). It also can be run by itself (stand-alone) or can be integrated with the standard SQL ServerTM Edition of Inventory Pro.
IPOL provides your business with an affordable business to business (B2B), e-commerce, and business to commerce (B2C) inventory program. This allows your staff, suppliers, customers, and potential customers to see the data they need in real time-no matter where they are in the world! All they need is an authenticated connection to your network. IPOL will assist you in the management of your business logistics including movement and exchange of products, services, and money.
IPOL offers the same features as Inventory Pro and more:
•    Purchasing View Demo
For the purchase and delivery of items
•    Inventory View Demo
Manipulation of and information about items in inventory
•    Shipping Orders View Demo
Order processing, item transfer, and shipping
•    Work Orders
Maintenance, manufacturing, order processing, kits, and bill of materials (BOM)
•    Assets
Tangible and intangible asset management
•    Queries
Search engines for the IPOL database
•    Reports
Database information displayed in the table/report format. Reports include Adobe PDFTM and Microsoft WordTM formats
•    Message Express
An IPOL discussion forum (bulletin board)
•    System Security
Allows set up of users and groups using field-level security
•    External Communication
B2B integration with IBM MQ SeriesTM, BizTalkTM, and other messengers
•    Document Exchange
" Bulletin board" to post files of any kind, even shared applications

B2C E-Commerce
An optional e-commerce front end may also be installed with IPOL. This interface is completely customizable to meet your business needs. Secure web transactions by using Cybercash and Secure Sockets (SSL) interface.
B2B E-Commerce
IPOL not only handles your internal inventory needs, it also provides your suppliers and customers with controlled access to your data. The system allows the user to see only the information that pertains to their system with permissions granted by the IPOL system administrator.
Accounting System Integration
IPOL can be integrated with Sage’s accounting applications. Integration with an accounting system yields an affordable “best of breed” complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
External Links Available
Integrated with IPOL are embedded hyperlinks to webbased services. You can click on a street address of a ship-to link and jump to a Yahoo! map of the location. For example, if your delivery service cannot find the address, simply click on the link and talk them through the route! Also embedded in the system’s customer and supplier lists are home page and e-mail links that will jump you right to their respective web page or into an e-mail to that person. The IPOL pages can be customized to include links specific to your business needs.
Minimal Training Required
The IPOL user interface is based on standard Internet browser technology. Anyone familiar with “surfing” the Internet will not have difficulty accessing the wealth of information in IPOL.
Data Transfer
If you have an existing system from which you are migrating, CISS can do a one-time data transfer from your old system into the new IPOL system.

Quick to Set Up and Use with Minimal Maintenance IPOL does not need to be installed on client PCs. The master system resides permanently on your server (or CISS’s server if we host the application for you), and the installation procedure consists only of receiving an access username/password. The user simply types the URL (web address) of the system into a web browser to gain access to the login screen. This provides you with minimal overhead in deploying the application to your user community. Updates to the system are only applied to the server, and visits to client PCs are never required. This is a support person’s dream!
Customizable to Meet Your Needs
IPOL is based on ‘straight’ HTML and Active Server PageTM (ASP) technology. The data connectivity uses ODBC-compliant sources (SQL ServerTM, OracleTM, and MS AccessTM databases). This makes the system easy to customize to your specific requirements. The source code is maintained by CISS and estimates can be provided for your customization requirements.
Back Office Support
Unlike many other e-commerce “solutions” existing on the market, IPOL is totally integrated with its BackOffice counterpart, our SQL Server-based Inventory Pro. The database is an SQL (standard query language) database. This allows for easy ad-hoc reporting using industry standard tools like Crystal ReportsTM and Microsoft AccessTM. ActiveXTM interfaces with the Microsoft OfficeTM toolkit (WordTM, ExcelTM, and AccessTM) are also inherent to the IPOL application.
Built-in Communication
Since IPOL is accessible via the Internet, authorized users with a computer can access any data needed to carry out tasks with maximum efficiency. There is no need to install and maintain complex interbusiness networks in diverse parts of the world. Dial-up connections through any standard internet service provider (ISP) like America On-lineTM, CompuServe, Prodigy, or a local ISP will suffice in gaining access to the system. For example, a warehouse manager in Singapore could use his local computer to determine the exact position and cargo manifest of a ship thousands of miles away.
IPOL data is generally served from a single database on a single server on your corporate network. This minimizes the points of access to your data thus simplifying the security problem. IPOL requires only that the TCP/IP port 80 be available on your Intra/Internet to access the entire functionality of the system. This is very desirable for fire-walled corporate communities. For very valuable data, secure sockets may be used to enhance the data’s overall security. Installing IPOL on your network will not impact or compromise your corporate security environment standards. We also provide the system- level security that provides the toll to manage system access on each and every level of the system down to the access to any record field.

IPOL streamlines and improves internal company communications by allowing everyone to see the data in real time. IPOL also brings your suppliers and customer into the communications “loop” through controlled access (username and password) to only the parts of the system you want them to see. This facilitates vendor managed inventory (VMI) of vital supplies to your existing processes without having “annoying” vendor phone calls and on-site visits to count and inspect current inventory levels.
Multiplatform Compatibility
The IPOL application is written to run on an industry standard web browser; either Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.
Multiplatform Support for Communication with 3rd-Party Information Systems
IPOL is capable of communicating with other thirdparty information systems on a mulitplatform basis with the popular IBM MQ SeriesTM package (or other thirdparty messenger services) or electronic data interchange (EDI) provider. MQSeriesTM provides guaranteed secure delivery of critical management information so that information is never lost or duplicated. Using MQ SeriesTM as the data passing backbone, your business information can flow where you want it to with complete peace of mind.
Open to Third Party Communication
IPOL is capable of exchanging information with thirdparty applications on a multiplatform basis using a new industrywide BizTalkTM initiative sponsored by major Internet players including MicrosoftTM. IPOL also supports the popular IBM MQ SeriesTM package. Other third-party messenger services or electronic data interchange (EDI) formats can be supported on a custom basis.

Product ID: IPOL

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Fixed Asset Management, Assembly/Kitting & Bill of Materials, EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, Forecasting, Replenishment/MRP/DRP, Inventory Control, Handhelds/PDAs, Sales Order Entry, Multi-Company Processing, Inventory Visibility, Multi-Company Processing, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, Pricing, Sales Order Entry, Vendor Management