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Make bulk changes to the content of your Opportunities fields

Compatible With: Sage ACT!, Versions
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BulkChangeIT for Sage ACT! US $57.87

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BulkChangeIT for Sage ACT!, the software addon that allows you to edit Opportunity fields across multiple entries in one easy process.

With BulkChangeIT, you can save time, increase report accuracy, and avoid the hassle of updating Opportunity fields one entry at a time.

  • Change field contents
    Select any opportunity field of your Sage ACT! Database to change the content based on the value of another field.
    If the value in 'Matching Opportunity Field' is equal to 'Sage ACT! Sales Cycle', then the value of the field 'Details' will be changed into 'Negotiation'.
    There will be only a change if the content of the 'Matching Opportunity Field' equates to the defined criteria
  • Copy opportunities
    You can copy your opportunities into one or several contact details
  • Copy opportunity fields
    Copy the content of a specific opportunity field into any other opportunity field
  • Set dates of opportunities
    Change the date of your opportunities with a specific state
    Set the date of all opportunities with the state 'Closed-won' from the open date to the closed date
  • Work with the current lookup or the entire opportunities
  • Conduct multiple changes in one single process
  • Define the hierarchy of your selected changes

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Budgeting, Contact Management