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Group|IT allows you to create custom groups and assign your customers to them through a convenient easy-to-use interface.
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Group|IT for Sage ACT! 43.03 USD

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Optimize your contact group relations through virtual customer groups which can be generated using advanced analysis functions such as “and/or” conditions. Avoid laborious data mining and increase sales through improved targeting without contacting customers repeatedly. Working with customer groups in Sage ACT! not only improves clarity, but is primarily an indispensable tool for the optimization of target-group oriented marketing. By precisely targeting your marketing campaigns, you are able to reach the right addresses, and therefore optimize use of your new and existing customer potential.

GROUP|IT allows you to select and assign your customers to specific customer groups by using simple terms and criteria. Virtual customer groups are designed quickly and easily with “and/or/include/exclude” criteria. All customer groups are analyzed and actualized to avoid duplicates. The overview also shows all static and dynamic groups of a single contact under an additional tab in the contacts view. Therefore, the manual editing of the assignment, via the context menu, is easily possible for individual cases.

Industries: Software Consulting & Development, Accounting, Legal, & Consulting, Advertising & Promotion, Real Estate Brokerage, Real Estate Listing & Title Services, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Budgeting, Contact Management, Change Order Management, Contact Management