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MK PowerTools - Inventory Code Move
Move an item from one warehouse to any other warehouse in BusinessVision and convert your entire system in one easy step.
Compatible With: Sage BusinessVision Accounting, Versions 7.1 , 7.2 , 7.3
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Small Business Edition From $395.00
Business Edition From $595.00
Corporate Edition From $995.00

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MK PowerTools inventory code move  automatically adapts to your BusinessVision system, including CustomPack WorkBook, Physical Inventory, UPC and Customer-Specific Pricing databases. Even tables like Active Sales Orders and Bill-of-Materials are handled automatically leaving no stone unturned!



Feature 1 Inventory Code Move allows you complete freedom to move inventory around and organize your business data.


Feature 2 Create physical or logical warehouses to segment various types of inventory, e.g. Finished Goods, Raw Materials..


Feature 3 Move obsolete/non-current items from an active warehouse to a non-active warehouse, or move items from several warehouses to a central warehouse.


Here are some situations where you might find Inventory Code Move useful;


• Create physical or logical warehouses to store various types of inventory, for example: create a Raw Materials warehouse, a Bill-of-Materials warehouse, Finished products warehouse, service SKU warehouse, etc, etc..

• Change your warehouse codes and move every single inventory item from one warehouse to any another warehouse!

• Move obsolete or non-current items from your active warehouse to a non-active warehouse

• Move items from several warehouses back into one central warehouse


ICM can be purchased as part of MK PowerTools Inventory Manager or System Master.


Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Fixed Asset Management, Inventory Control