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  • Barcode Application Solutions
  • In business since 2003
  • 208-5511 Tomken Road
  • Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4B8 CA
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Development Partner - Silver
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Sage Products: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac] ,  Sage BusinessVision Accounting

BAS is the developer of BASis - a wireless inventory control solution and P.R.I.S.M - software specializing in process improvement using barcode specific applications which integrates with multiple accounting packages.


Distribution: A national distributor / wholesaler of toys, has 5 warehouses across Canada. In addition, they pre-assemble party gifts for large corporate customers and have company-owned retail outlets. Keeping track of stock on hand and the warehouse location data contained in Sage BusinessVision was a daunting task to say the least. The company originally engaged BAS to create a very sophisticated application which would allow the ability to combine information from various sources in a comprehensive set of tools and reports.


RESULT: Pleased with the results, they purchased 12 MC50 barcode scanners which would be used in all warehouses in conjunction with the BASis inventory program from BAS. The software paid for itself in the first inventory allowing the company to reduce the time it took to do inventory at the various locations from 1 month to 1 week. Using web service technology, inventory scanned at any of the remote locations is instantly updated at their head office. In addition, the client uses the software to keep track of inventory locations, prices, and transfers.


Manufacturing: A rapidly expanding manufacturer of wood mouldings, supplying customers all over North America, encountered the challenge that many fast growth companies experience - keeping track of costs, workflow control and, of course, inventory control. Using our BASis program and some further customized applications, the client was able to implement production controls which allowed the reviewing and maintaining accuracy of costs while fine tuning their inventory to ensure the industry demands of on-hand stock and immediate delivery were met.


RESULT: After 6 months of strict inventory process implementation with the help of BASis inventory software, the client reported that their last inventory count maintained 99.5% accuracy in matching it with their accounting package; allowing them to go forward with a live accurate inventory.


Retail: A national chain of 60+ franchise stores supplying home medical equipment. Their challenge; systems standardization. They partnered with BAS to implement Sage BusinessVision to all new and some existing stores, both franchised and corporate-operated.


RESULT: With the help of BASis, and several industry-specific custom programs has resulted in increased productivity, as well as a reduction of 30% of time and manpower for inventory counts. Unique enhancements, aimed at partnering government agencies responsible for administering assistive device programs, allowed better reporting, communication and timely returns.


Sales Force Automation: A national gourmet food distributor was looking for an economical answer to a sales management dilemma. The solution would have to be compatible with accounting software – Winsol. 16 reps located around the country required a simple and effective way to manage orders and transmit them to the office using wireless devices over the internet.


RESULT: Implementation of P.R.I.S.M. software enabled their sales force to transition to the new technology easily while continuing to perform their sales functions as required.


Wholesale: A national wholesaler of home décor items, gifts and toys to thousands of customers across the country was challenged by more than a few issues. When exhibiting at a trade shows, up to 1500 orders would have to be entered manually into an accounting system after the show, resulting in errors caused by misreading written orders, data entry, keying slip-ups, inaccurate order-picking, and lapses in acquiring answers or product information. The effect of this situation lead to a reduction in worker productivity, while increasing client calls to the customer service department.


RESULT: BAS provided a full solution that included Sage BusinessVision as the backbone, along with P.R.I.S.M. and BASis as essential tools to resolve critical concerns, overcome obstacles and minimize potential mishap. Orders created at a gift show and on the road were quickly captured using P.R.I.S.M., uploaded in minutes to the back office system and processed in a prompt, accurate transaction. In the warehouse, using scanners programmed with the BASis inventory system, allowed quick and efficient handling of orders with minimal error. The number of mis-picked and mis-counted items was reduced by 95%

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