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DocuFire for Windows - Sage Pro ERP
SAVE up to 85% on mailing costs! DocuFire is the easiest way to Fax and Email Sage Pro Invoices, Statements, Quotes, Order Confirmations, Purchase Orders, Remittance Advice and Direct Marketing right from your Sage Pro Customer and Vendor contacts.
Compatible With: Sage Pro ERP, Versions 7.3 , 7.3b , 7.4 , 7.5 , 2010
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Single Module Edition From $495.00
Standard Edition From $715.00
Deluxe Edition From $895.00

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DocuFire will save you thousands of dollars per year. This remarkable solution installs in minutes and adapts to all your existing Sage Pro ERP custom forms and contacts right out of the box.

DocuFire has developed technologies to overcome the limitations of how Sage Pro prints documents with the ability to automatically combine documents printed in rapid succession to create a single job and also the ability to be able to merge jobs  manually.

Sage Pro ERP customers all over North America are choosing DocuFire because nothing compares to the price, performance and ease of use.

DocuFire supports the following Sage Pro ERP forms modules;

• Invoices

• Order Confirmations

• Account Statements

• Quotes

• Purchase Orders

• A/P EFT Remittance Advice

• Payroll EFT Remittance Advice (CA and US)

• Direct Marketing

• Sales Reps FAQ

Does DocuFire offer installation services? Yes. The typical setup with implementation and training is about 2 hours done using remote assistance tools via the internet.

What about my Custom Programming Modifications? Not an issue, DocuFire runs completely external of your Sage Pro ERP environment and uses a standard OLEDB connection to your Visual FoxPro or SQL database.

Will it handle my customized forms? No problem, DocuFire adapts to ANY custom report modifications.

What versions are supported? DocuFire supports all Pro series and Sage Pro releases.

What if I update my Sage Pro ERP contact(s)? No problem, DocuFire reads the Sage Pro ERP contacts in real-time, always using the current information.

You will be hard pressed to find a technology more profitable than DocuFire. Every day you are wasting money not using DocuFire, contact our sales department today.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Procurement and Purchasing, Archival, Imaging, Records Management, Workflow, Campaign Management, Contact Management, E-mail/Direct Mail, General Accounting, Campaign Management, E-mail/Direct Mail, Faxing, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry