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Employees and Codes Synchronization to other payrolls or systems
Keep separate systems in sync by sharing common information like names and addresses, benefits, pay rates, and job information. Synchronize personnel master files and other common information electronically from Abra to a receiving system.
Compatible With: Sage HRMS [Abra], Versions
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Business Automation Specialists (BAS)

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With a BAS Synchronization Program, you can efficiently and consistently prepare and electronically transfer data to and from Payroll, HR, Benefits and other software that needs employee and codes information such as Data Collection, Scheduling, and Learning Management Systems. This elimintes keying the same data in multiple systems, and minimizes errors and lack of coordination among the systems. The more congruent and accessible the software systems are with each other, the more this type of program can do keep the data tables synchronized.


BAS offers synchronization programs for many middle-market accounting programs, many Time and Attendance systems, and numerous vertical market software systems.


Examples: Abra HR/benefits interfaces for Timberline, MAS, and other payrolls; Abra, Timberline, or MAS Payroll to time clock or other data entry systems.


BAS also Offers movement of Payroll Check data from several non-Abra programs into Abra ESS, Timberline is one example.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Human Resource Management, Payroll, Benefits Management