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Custom Payroll Checks and Direct Deposit Forms
Prepare and print customized checks and direct deposit advices on your check stock, custom forms, or self-mailers. You can choose the check format and the order of earnings, deductions and taxes, and other company specific-data.
Compatible With: Sage HRMS [Abra], Versions
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Business Automation Specialists (BAS)

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Features can include display of paid-time-off balances, attendance data, special contributions, taxation status, custom messages, employer-only expenses, and other company specific-data like messages or policy.


With a BASpay Custom Payroll Check/Advice Printing Program, you can:


  • Efficiently and consistently prepare payroll checks and advices for printing in the format you specify. You are not limited to the "out-of-the-box" check layouts
  • Prepare check/advice batches for printing on blank, pre-printed, or self-mailer forms - all are available on anti-fraud check/advice stock
  • Print one check/advice form per employee, even if a partial check is issued
  • Specify your desired presentation using data from payroll labor history such as hours, job, or project worked, actual payrate, benefits, etc
  • Print and re-print forms in a controlled manner in case of printing problems
  • Present your compensation in an enhanced “service bureau” or executive “Statement of Earnings” style


Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Human Resource Management, Legislative Compliance, Payroll, Time Management