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Abra Payroll History Data Archive
Remove long-past data from your active Abra Payroll, HR, Attendance, and Train databases and increase processing speeds dramatically. Retain the old data on-line. Return the historic data as-needed to the active payroll files.
Compatible With: Sage HRMS [Abra], Versions
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This approach can increase Abra Suite performance in important tasks: Reporting, Trial, Final, Re-indexing, and interim and system back-up’s. Housekeeping utilities like “orphan clean-up” are included.


With a BASpay Archive Program, you can:


  • Save time and reduce network traffic during Payroll/HR operations
  • Prepare and process Trial and Final payroll faster
  • Prepare and run reports faster
  • Complete interim and regular back-up’s faster, and more reliably
  • Improve performance in external programs that access the payroll data
  • Maintain historic PR/HR records so you can use them again when/if needed
  • Control which records are moved to suit your records management policies
  • Remove “orphan” records from your PR/HR data (no assigned employee)


Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Human Resource Management, Payroll, Time Management