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Multiple and Multi-State Wage Garnishments and Tax Levies
Determine and apply legal garnishment limits when employees have multiple wage attachments and levies. Automate and control the calculation and deduction amount overrides necessary to follow the applicable guidelines and company policies.
Compatible With: Sage HRMS [Abra], Versions
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With a BASpay Custom Payroll Check/Advice Printing Program, you can: 


  • Efficiently and consistently evaluate and adjust batches of garnishments queued for withholding by the payroll program each pay cycle
  • Efficiently and consistently manage eligibility, priority, and limits for employees with multiple garnishments, reporting adjustments, if any
  • Evaluate and track arrears in independent deductions from those which originated the arrears amount. This permits better management of arrears
  • Prepare and maintain a master list of active deductions associated with garnishments for deduction setup and maintenance per employee

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Human Resource Management, Legislative Compliance, Payroll