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Attendance on Demand
Demand More with Attendance on Demand Employee Time and Labor Tracking.  Reduce the time spent preparing payroll.  Manage employee tardiness, overtime, and absenteeism.  Handle it all on demand over the web.
Compatible With: Sage HRMS [Abra], Versions
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Attendance on Demand is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that fully automates employee time and labor tracking and scheduling. System Highlights include:


•Dashboards customized for your organization and users.

•Dynamic time cards instantly capture employee time and management adjustments.

•Drill-down summary sheets provide summary labor and employee exception information.

•Scheduling includes automatic schedules and easy-to-use editing.

•Extensive data filtering and drill-down capabilities.

•Online reporting.

•Extensive pay rules for complex policies and compliance.

•Payroll and HR integration shares information with your payroll and HR.

•Learning Centers.


Optional Modules inlude:


•Leave Management automates the employee leave process.

•Seniority-based Accruals to calculate employee leave time incrementally.

•Activity-based Accruals awards time off based on an employees work history.

•Employee Self Service (ESS) empowers employees with their own labor data.

•Incidents & Points to enforce attendance policies.

•Coverage Budgets for scheduling and measuring labor.

•Custom Report Writer.


Attendance on Demand is a service customized for your organization. Attendance on Demand delivers more...


•Comprehensive labor management: Attendance on Demand provides scheduling, time and wage calculation, time card editing and approval, labor coverage and budgeting, leave management, attendance points systems, and time clocks that are easy to use and affordable. You pay only for what you use each month.


•Lowering your labor costs: Attendance on Demand studies workplaces closely to understand your employees' jobs, your industry's critical concerns, and the labor laws and business pressures that impact your bottom line.


•Dedicated programmers, technicians, and training staff Our experienced programmers and partner technicians use their specific expertise to make your implementation a success. Multimedia training allows your employees to quickly get up and running.


Attendance on Demand allows you to proactively control labor costs. Attendance on Demand’s time and attendance software, using dynamic time cards, intelligent scheduling, and intuitively designed dashboards, is only part of the equation. Attendance on Demand integrates seamlessly with time clocks, Employee Self Service as well as payroll and HR applications in order to share and gather information. The flow of information allows you to have up to date labor numbers at your fingertips at any time, with the ability to add your own constantly changing variables.


In a typical day:


1.Employee punches In at a time clock or Employee Self Service

2.Punch time is displayed in employee’s time card in Attendance on Demand.

3.Employee punches Out

4.Any corrections are made by the supervisor (including handling late or missing punches)


At the end of the pay period, final edits are made to the group of time cards by a payroll manager. Final payroll information is automatically or manually sent to the payroll service. With Attendance on Demand, you can rely upon up-to-the-minute status information for each employee, custom reports with the time frame you select, as well as archived personnel information for years to come.

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