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BackOrder Fulfillment report
When you have a BackOrder, you need to fill it as soon as possible. This report allows you to enter one or more invoice#(s) from a Supplier Invoice that just came in and matches it up, item for item with Customers who have that item on BackOrder.
Compatible With: Sage 50 — U.S. Edition [Peachtree], Versions 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019
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Unlimited Users/Unlimited Companies $800

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Satisfy BackOrders in a Flash > Notify customers that their backordered goods are available quicker than ever. Save Time in the Warehouse > No longer need to put away a whole shipment & then turn right around & go pull outbound orders. Know what items are for Stock & which items are for “live orders.” Mark Items with the Sales Order# & Customer (both displayed on the report) and ship them right out to your waiting customer. Enter One Merchandise Receipt or Batch a Whole Day > This report groups all like items from 1 or more inbound receipts and totals them up. Open Orders for that item are right next to it on the report. Shows Customer, Quantity on BackOrder, and Sales Order#. Modifications Available > This report is designed for a Sage 50 - U.S. Edition database, but could be modified for earlier releases if necessary




Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Entry, Order Picking, Reporting & Decision Support, Reports/Analytics