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Direct 500
Direct 500, an integrated order management and eCommerce (B2B and B2C) software solution, extends the functionality of Sage MAS 500 ERP with important features geared towards organizations with multiple selling channels.
Compatible With: Sage 500 ERP [MAS 500], Versions 7.2 , 7.3
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Direct 500 $12,500
eStore (initial) $7,500
Address Hygiene $3,000

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In today’s world of highly competitive distribution sales, businesses are looking for ways to improve their call center, estore and catalog sales channels. Direct 500 is designed for organizations with multiple selling channels. Businesses often find multiple software solutions to meet these many different business requirements – sales order entry and inventory management, a hosted ecommerce site that is not connected to their ERP software, Excel spreadsheets to track marketing campaigns and many manual processes to overcome the shortcomings of a non integrated solution. Direct 500 was built on the MAS 500 platform to meet these business needs with a single integrated solution.


Call Center

Call centers are usually high volume order entry departments. Speed of entry and accuracy of data is important. Direct 500 provides an enhanced sales order entry search engine to speed the lookup of current customers or prospects.


Once the customer is located, Direct 500 focuses on speed of entry and access to information for the operator. We want the operator to be focused on serving the customer and not worried about the deals and promotions that they need to track on a manual sheet – we have incorporated all of this logic in the sales order entry module.


eStore (B2B and B2c eCommerce)

Many distributors offer their products on their website. What we often find is the estore is an island unto itself with no integration with the ERP software – a glorified fax machine.


The Direct 500 estore is an extension of MAS 500 and the Direct 500 call center capabilities. Business rules for pricing, sales tax, freight, credit card processing and many others that are defined for sales order entry are extended to the estore.



Distributors that sell through these multiple channels face a challenge tracking the many sales and marketing campaigns and their effectiveness. Direct 500 offers a multi level source code providing valuable information back to the business.


Integrating source codes with the call center and the eStore provides the business with an effective promotion and analysis tool set. An email blast with an integrated source code and linked promotion can automatically take the buyer to a special offer on the estore, complete the shopping cart with the promotion and place the order in MAS 500 with no interaction from the call center staff.


RFM scoring is an excellent predictor of whether a customer will place another order. RFM scores are automatically calculated and are available during our Mail List Selection to enhance the targeting of potential customers.



Many distributors that sell through multiple channels are high volume shipping organizations. These companies can live or die by their shipping costs. Address accuracy, shipping and handling calculations and on time delivery determines if these companies successful or simply survive.


Direct 500 provides extensive shipping capabilities focused on simplifying the call center and estore transaction. Shipping methods have been expanded with features to allow shipments by address types, restrictions by postal codes and countries. Shipping charts can be defined by geographical region and level of service. Direct 500 also offers integration to StarShip, allowing customer to have a calculated freight and handling charge straight from the StarShip rate tables.


The Direct 500 Solution

There are many ways multi channel sales organizations can address their individual business requirements. However, addressing the business need as a whole requires a well designed application that provides the company with a call center, estore, marketing and fulfillment business solution.


Industries: Apparel, Soft Goods, & Textiles, Furniture, Home Furnishings, & Decor Service, Home Goods & Services, Personal Goods & Services, Sporting Goods & Fitness, Toys, Hobbies, & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Appliances & Electrical Equipment, Broadcasting & Communications, Electronics & Computers, Religious Related Organizations, Advertising & Promotion, Office Furniture, Supply & Service, Printing & Publishing, Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Inventory Control, Inventory Visibility, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, Order Picking, Packing/Palletizing, Campaign Management, Direct Mail, E-mail/Direct Mail, Web Site Design, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Reports/Analytics, Sales Order Entry