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iCube Converting
It is a specialized process manufacturing system to convert products for papers, films and foils with processes for slitting, sheeting, rewinding, wrapping and packing and converting for printing, charts, labels, fan-fold and perforation.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 5.4 , 5.5 , 5.6
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iCube Converting is a complete process manufacturing system for converting industries with products made of papers, films and foils. It supports specialized processes for slitting, sheeting, converting, rewinding, wrapping and packaging. Each process can be defined with the required parameters, the machineries, labors, the material and formula for usage. It also requires bill-of-materials to define the component usage broken down by processes.


You can create manufacturing workflows to integrate the specific processes in a predefined processing sequence to fit specific converting requirements. You can relate specific products to the required manufacturing workflow. Each type of product and material also has special fields to define the parameters which are stored in the ERP optional fields. This design gives you the flexibility to define and configure the required converting processes for specific products.


It comes with modules for system manager, manufacturing quotes, bill-of-materials, production control and work order.


The work order module is to track production job by work order. Each work order is routed with the material (jumbo rolls or jumbo sheets) and components, through each process from start to end. For each process, the material in and out, the communication and notes are tracked with user and time stamp. Any material transformation and component consumption happening at each process are calculated based on the parameters defined for that process and the bill-of-material. The yield, machinery, labor and the associated overhead are used for cost roll up of products. All related inventory transactions are posted to ERP.


The Production Control module allows easy scheduling of process by machine. The build-in centralized calendar per machine allows you to drag and drop a process on an open time slot. During scheduling, you also need to define the serial number of jumbo rolls. The system supports multiple jumbo rolls per work order and multiple work orders per jumbo rolls.


The Manufacturing Quote module is for quoting products that you do not have stocks or new that you need to know the cost for each element and lead time. To avoid the issues of predefining item numbers for new products and materials with new BOMs in ERP, MQ allows you to create the new item and BOM and only to post to ERP when the quote is accepted. The cost element of quote is compared with the actual after work order is complete to allow you to know the performance.

Industries: Personal Goods & Services, Alcohol & Tobacco, Food & Beverage, Education, Hospitals, Offices & Clinics of Healthcare Providers, Electronics & Computers, Scientific & Research Equipment, Fine Arts & Entertainment, Industrial Equipment, Supply, &, Service, Art, Cultures, & Humanities, Office Furniture, Supply & Service, Paper & Allied Products, Printing & Publishing

Business Needs: Electronic Claims Processing, Electronic Medical Records, Process Manufacturing, Campaign Management, Direct Mail, Faxing, Handhelds/Scanners, Retail Operations