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Orbis TaskCentre lets you integrate data between applications, on premise or "in the cloud", build fully automated workflow processes, generate alerts and automate reports; all without having to write any program code. Click here for more details.
Compatible With: Sage SalesLogix , Versions 7.5.0 , 7.5.1 , 7.5.2 , 7.5.3 , 7.5.4 , 8.0.0
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TaskCentre is a leading edge Business Process Management (BPM) Suite that adds automation to everyday tasks.

TaskCentre lets you create automated processes that can generate workflows, business alerts, automated documents, publish web content, manage subscriptions & requests and integrate to other applications. These processes can be triggered on changes within the Sage SalesLogix database, by email, according to a flexible schedule or by submission of a workflow job.

TaskCentre gives you a rapid return on your investment by eliminating repetitive, administrative processes that hinder your users. TaskCentre helps to keep your data current and keeps you constantly informed and empowered.A “Task”, which performs part or all of a business process, is triggered by an “Event” in or around Sage SalesLogix.  It is designed using a drag & drop graphical user interface and contains any number of “Tool” steps that provide the detailed functionality. These Tools provide pre-built, flexible and seamless integration with existing information sources, applications, formats and communication channels, without the need for complex programming.

TaskCentre benefits SalesLogix users by creating fully automated graphical workflow process that   
  • Automate delivery of real-time critical business information through email or SMS alerting and integrated Crystal Reports.
  • Automatically responds to sign-up or service requests from websites and e-mail,  initiating a complete process that can update Sage SalesLogix by adding Contacts, Trouble Tickets or Activities.
  • Integrates Sage SalesLogix with accounting and finance applications allowing you to share customers, product information etc. These integrations can incorporate complex workflows that prompt users to review data before being passed through.
  • Fully automates e-mail archiving by storing any email in Contact History, complete with one or more attachments per email.
  • Monitors and reports on data within Sage SalesLogix that is altered or not fully completed.
  • Automatically notifies and escalates Trouble Tickets and Defects.
  • Dynamically creates and publishes web pages for example; update product lists, announce new promotions, update company calendars, publishing booking forms.
  • Performs expenditure and budget approvals.
Orbis Software, authors of TaskCentre, is continuously adding new features and functionality to the product and has just released the TaskCentre Web Service Connector Tool.This Tool allows Sage users to integrate Sage applications with practically any web service or cloud application.This much anticipated TaskCentre Tool provides businesses with a wealth of opportunity and examples of its use include.
  • Sage SData integration
  • eBay & amazon integration
  • UPS, FedEx and DHL integration
  • Currency web service integration
  • Salesforce, SugarCRM or Zoho integration
  • Google SOAP Search API integration and much more ...
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Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Project/Job Control, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Data Migration, Integration/Synchronization, Archival, Records Management, Workflow, Campaign Management, Contact Management, HelpDesk/Support, Integration/Synchronization, Procurement and Purchasing, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry