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IMan - SageCRM
Our SageCRM connector provides complete and tight connectivity with SageCRM enabling you to rapidly integrate any application with SageCRM. Integration is made through our configuration based and code-free middleware solution, IMan.
Compatible With: Sage CRM, Versions 7.0 , 7.1
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1 Integration USD 1,260
2 Integration USD 2,240
Unlimited USD 3,920

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IMan is a flexible, code-free integration solution for a range of Sage products. Our configuration approach results in decreased project timelines, reduced cost and an increase in overall satisfaction.

Ease Of Use

An easy to use visual interface enables rapid creation, deployment and maintenance of integration projects. Integrations can be rapidly adapted & extended as requirements change.


Highly configurable, IMan handles complex data integration requirements by providing a large data transformation toolset. Transformations are sequenced in the node based designer allowing data to be manipulated into virtually any form. Dual- and multi-way integration IMan is facilitated through reader and writer connectors.


  • Full entity and field capability; including custom entities and fields.
  • Hierarchically Aware – Relationships between entities are enforced for both data import and export.
  • Changes & updates to integration jobs are made easily and seamlessly through the dynamic detection of field and entity changes.
  • Synchronisation Capable – Record level synchronisation is made possible through the capture of record ID’s when inserting and comparison of record timestamps on update.
  • Inline lookups against SageCRM data for data translation and extraction from any transform supporting expressions.
  • Integrates through webservices so entity and field level security is preserved.
  • A time-limited data migration license available.
  • Supports version 7.0 and 7.1.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Data Cleansing, Data Mapping, Data Migration, Data Storage/Warehousing, Duplication, Import/Export, Integration/Synchronization, Workflow, EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, Import/Export, Integration/Synchronization