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Account Management Online - for the whole team
Suntico connects your two most important company assets - your people and your information - so that you can serve your business customers better. Put your finance, marketing, customer service and sales teams on the same page.
Compatible With: Sage 50-Canadian Edition [Simply], Versions 2012 , 2013 , 2014
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Little 2 users: CAN$17p/m
Growing 10 users: CAN$105p/m
Biggest 40 users: CAN$325p/m

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Alternative to a traditional CRM
Suntico is optimized for B2B account management scenarios where you may have multiple touch points with your key customer or vendor accounts.  Save time looking for information about a customer.  Discuss a sticky order, follow a troublesome invoice, or share a customer query. Track the activity of your sales reps. Manage customer tasks across teams.  Manage sales teams and hierarchies for reporting and for controlled access to sensitive customer information.  Include prospects and convert to Sage customers while retaining all historical interaction.   Start your own customer newsletters with our free e-marketing integration to MailChimp.

Mobile access
Access your Sage records as well as prospect records and related notes, documents and tasks on the move via any web enabled device. Use your laptop while in the office, switch to an iPad while you visit your customer, use your Smartphone to quickly map the address of the new prospect while in the car and update the records at home on your beloved Mac (or are you a Linux fan?). No matter what device, the information will follow you seamlessly and easily.

Companywide access to your valuable Sage records
Access account and transaction details companywide. Sage information is no longer confined to the accounts back office! Keep everyone in the loop that has a vested interest on a particular account, contact or transaction!  Control access tightly by account type, transaction type or groups of accounts (e.g. sales teams).

Your online database
Search and filter accounts and transaction histories. Bookmark your favorite records and link to addresses with Google Maps. Add in non-trading accounts and merge duplicate records.

Private online workplace
Stay informed of the latest updates on people or transactions. Save time by having informal correspondence regarding accounts in one place. Work together and solve problems quicker by collaborating easily company wide.

Comment and share news
Share news or questions on your wall. Link comments to companies and contacts. Comment on companies, contacts, locations and transactions, or colleagues' posts. Use #hashtag to highlight popular trending themes.  Create internal company interest groups for sharing your business information.

Quick and easy
Unlike more expensive CRM solutions, Suntico gets you up and running with your own Sage 50 data in minutes. No additional hardware required. Very easy to learn. 

Unique hybrid approach
Our hybrid approach lets you keep your Sage accounts in your office, while providing mobility and extended functionality using secure cloud technology.

Safe and secure
Your data is stored on secure Microsoft Azure servers in the EU. All data transferred between you and Suntico are encrypted. User roles and profiles management allows you to determine who has access to what data.
Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Handhelds/PDAs, Vendor Management, Procurement and Purchasing, Subcontractor Management, Vendor management, Handhelds/PDAs, Queries/Quotes/Reports, Sales Order Entry, Import/Export, Workflow, Campaign Management, E-mail/Direct Mail, Handhelds/PDAs, Handhelds/PDAs