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EFT Processing
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Orchid EFT Processing streamlines payment & collection, tightens control over bank transfers in Sage 300 ERP (Accpac). Transfers AR Receipts & AP Payments to the electronic funds transfer functionality of your banking software.
Compatible With: Sage 300 ERP [Accpac], Versions 6.0 , 6.1 , 2014
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Orchid EFT Processing streamlines payment & collection processes & tightens control over bank transfers. EFT Processing transfers Sage 300 ERP Receipts and Payments to the electronic funds transfer functionality of your banking software. Remittance advices can be emailed using standard Sage 300 ERP functionality. Because EFT Processing is written in the Sage 300 ERP SDK it can hold all Vendor and Customer banking details. New features for v2014.

Bank Formats Worldwide
Orchid EFT Processing supports the new SEPA cross border payments standard in Europe, with over 320 different bank formats in over 30 countries including North & South America, Europe, Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. New formats are being added regularly as requested by our Business Partners.

Sage 300 ERP Online
Orchid EFT Processing is also available from Sage in Sage 300 ERP Online, formerly Accpac Online.

NEW AR features too.
EFT Processing allows you to automate auto receipt of Accounts Receivable invoices - amend invoice Due Dates and maintain exclusion lists.

"We found the product filled the requirements, easy to implement and use. The AP department was very happy with the change of products being used for their EFT needs."
Kimberly Kyle, Traffic Tech, Montreal, Canada

  • Expect reduced Bank transaction fees,
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and errors caused by manual entries,
  • Manage AR Due Dates on Posted documents to facilitate auto-receipt processing,
  • Increase efficiency by processing both receipts and payments in the same transmission,
  • Improved security on bank a/c details,
  • Improved security - no checks lost in the mail,
  • Reduced processing time, no need to print, fold, post checks - process an EFT batch in minutes,
  • Avoid need for expensive check stationery. 
  • Green technology.
EFT Files

  • Automatically create EFT files required by bank, for payments & receipts,
  • Create EFT files in format required by many major banks based on standard Sage 300 ERP AP & customer refund routines,
  • Creates EFT Transfer files for receipts (direct debits) from customers using receipt batches,
  • Holds vendor and customer banking details,
  • Optionally store vendor bank a/c details by remit-to code,
  • Optionally store vendor & customer bank a/c details by Payor Bank,
  • Works with numerous Bank formats worldwide. User definable Bank formats & screen labels to reflect Bank terminology. To check and add extra countries, just email Orchid at:,
  • When generating bank files, optionally elect to skip or error on vendors or customers not defined in EFT processing.
  • Summary transaction log,
  • Audit log of changes to Vendor & Customer bank account details,
  • Remittance advices can be emailed using standard Sage 300 ERP functionality,
  • Elect to work with posted or unposted batches,
  • Can have an email c.c. to keep copies of emailed remittance advices,
  • Select from a range of batches or selected entries in a batch,
  • Define default remittance advices,
  • Approval process with enhanced security for amending customer & vendor bank a/c details.
Receipt Generation
  • Automatically create customer receipts & bank files from AR invoices,
  • Option to change Invoice Due Dates on posted AR Invoices,
  • Automatically create AR receipts from transaction balances. Select by document date, due date, customer range, customer group, customer optional field.
  • Developed with the Sage 300 ERP SDK providing its look & feel,
  • Standard Sage 300 ERP security, customization capabilities, data integrity checking, web mode & more!
  • Runs on all databases supported by Sage 300 ERP,
  • Supports Customer Number Change & Vendor Number Change.
"We are very happy with Orchid EFT Processing. It is so simple to easily automate auto-receipt of large volumes of Accounts Receivable invoices. The ability to amend the Accounts receivable invoice Due Dates and maintain exclusion lists makes it good to use."
Kerry Jones, Rural Fuel Ltd, Palmerston North, New Zealand

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Check Processing, Credit Card Processing, Productivity Tools, Security, Usability Improvements