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PM2000 Add-on - Multi-Company Accounts Payable
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Catering to managers processing on several properties and over several MAS 90 companies, PM2000's suite of Multi-Company Enhancements, including Multi-Company Accounts payable, make processing easier.
Compatible With: Sage 100 ERP [MAS 90 and 200], Versions 4.05
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Retail Price 1995.00
Support and Maintenance 495.00

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Multi-Company Accounts Payable is a standard MAS 90 and MAS 200 enhancement that we have specialized for use with the PM2000 Property Management Module for Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200.

It allows managers easy payable management when operating over multiple MAS 90 or MAS 200 companies.  Each “Parent” company is setup with its connected “child” companies.  Due to and due from accounts manage the amount owed to the parent company from the child.  This allows managers to enter and pay invoices from a single company and still manage the individual expenses in each child company.

To make the system even more efficient - managers can setup default disbursement rules for certain vendors.  Using a fixed percentage per Company/Property combination, the system will automatically calculate how much of the invoice total should be distributed to each.

Highlighted Features

Unlimited number of parent companies to process multi-company transactions through

Distribute vendor invoice lines to any property in any company

Setup automatic distributions for specific vendors across properties and companies on a fixed percentage basis

Industries: Property Management

Business Needs: Inventory Control