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PM2000 Add-on - Multi-Company Accounts Receivable
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Catering to managers processing on several properties and over several MAS 90 companies, PM2000's suite of Mulit-Company enhancements, including Multi-Company Accounts Receivable, make processing easier.
Compatible With: Sage 100 ERP [MAS 90 and 200], Versions 4.05
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Retail Price 1995.00
Support and Maintenance 495.00

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Multi-Company Accounts Receivable for PM2000 helps managers make the most of their time by helping them process A/R transactions more efficiently when working over multiple MAS 90 or MAS 200 companies.

This enhancement provide two key features.  First, is a company selection in Lease Billing Selection, allowing managers to run lease billing over multiple companies from a single screen.  A Multi-Company Sales Journal is provided as well, allowing managers to update the generated invoices to their separate company codes, again from a single location.  This feature allows managers to selection, edit, print and update A/R Invoices to tenants in ALL companies at once.

In addition, a multi-company Cash Receipts function is also included.  This allows for easy receipt management over multiple companies.  Each “Parent” company is setup with its connected “child” companies.  Due to and due from accounts manage the amount received in the parent company from tenants in the child company.  Detailed tenant invoice and payment information is still maintained in the child company.

Highlighted Features

Unlimited number of parent companies to process multi-company transactions.

Run Lease Billing Selection for multiple companies simultaneously and print all invoices from a central company.

Multi-Company Sales Journal and Multi-Company Daily Transaction Register provided to update

Industries: Property Management

Business Needs: Inventory Control